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Bulk solids are involved in wide range of industrial applications. Cement, plastics, pvc, grain, animal feed, chemicals are some of the examples of widely used bulk materials. Conveying, storage, feeding, loading mixing of bulk solids are done by bulk solid handling systems. Bulk solids in powder and granular form are handled by pneumatic conveying, screw feeders, elevators, conveyors, filters, mixers, storage silos, blowers, rotary valves etc. Depending on the application, wide range of equipment configurations are possible. Bulk solid can be picked up from silo, truck, hopper, big bag, sack, mixer and transferred to again silo, truck, hopper, big bag, sack and mixers. With the help of automation, tranferred materials can be weighed, mixtures can be pepared, dust can be collected, packaging can be done with bulk solid handling systems.


Bulk Solid Loading and Filling Systems

Silo loading systems

Mixer loading systems

Tank loading systems

Big bag loading systems

Octabin loading systems

Packaging systems

Sack filling systems

Bulk bag filling systems

Bulk truck loading systems

Tanker loading systems

Storage , stockpile loading systems

Hopper loading systems

Bulk Solid Conveying from bag dump station to silo
Silo Loading
Mixer loading system
Mixer Loading
Bulk truck loading from silo
Bulk Truck Loading
Big bag loading weighing system
Big Bag Filling

Bulk Solid Discharge Systems

Silo discharge systems

Mixer discharge systems

Tank discharge systems

Big bag discharge systems

Octabin discharge systems

Bag dump systems

Bulk bag discharge systems

Bulk truck unloading systems

Tanker unloading systems

Liner bag container unloading systems

Storage hopper discharge systems

Silo discahrger

Silo Discharging
Big Bag Discharge mixer filling system
Big Bag Discharging to Mixer
Bag dump system
Sack Discharging
Bulk truck unloading system
Bulk Truck Unloading To Silo

Bulk Solid Conveying Systems

Bulk solid conveying from truck, storage to silo.

Transferring powdered and granule bulk solids from sacks, big bags to silos.

Feeding the production line from silos.

Bulk solid transfer from big bag discharge station to production line.

Bulk material transportation from production line to storage silos.

Bulk solid transfer from silo to bulk truck and tanker.

Bulk solid transfer from silo to big bag filling system.

Dust collection from process and pneumatic conveying of dust to dust collectors.

Powder conveying from jet filters to storage silos.

Baghouse dust collector dust conveying system
Dust conveying from bag house filters to storage silo
Silo discharge, weighing, sack filling
Bulk solid tranfer from silo to sack filling machines
Big bag discharge, bag dump station silo loading
Big bag discharging, sack discharging and silo filling system

Bulk Solid Dosage and Feeding Systems

Preparing mixture and feeding mixer from different bulk solid raw material storage silos by weighing and dosage system.
Bulk solid feeding to production line.
Process feeding from big bag and sack discharging systems.
Bulk solid weighing and reactor tank feeding systems
Powdered chemical material injection to liquid and gas processes

Bulk Solid Storage Systems

Silo, storage hopper, tank and containers for bulk solids. Storage tank Bulk solid storage silo

Turnkey Bulk Solid Handling Systems

Turnkey bulk solid handling systems from raw material input to end product output. Bulk solid loading, filling, discharging, conveying transportation, mixing, dosing, feeding, weighing equipments are combined together to have a complete production line. Design, production, installation and commissioning services for production lines of wide range of industries are avaliable from one supplier.

 Industrial production plant

Industries Served / Bulk Solids Handled

Industrial Materials

Cement, calcite, calcium carbonate, mining materials, medical powders, petrochemical materials, pharmaceuticals, coal, coal dust, soda, gypsum, perlite, marble powder, plastics, polyethylene, polypropylene, granules, saw dust, activated carbon, ceramic powder.

Calcite, Calcium Carbonate

Calcite is also known as calcium carbonate. Its chemical formula is CaCO3. Calcite is widely used in industrial processes. Paint industry, paper industry, plastics, glass production, building materials, chemicals, food and ceramic industries are some of them. Calcite, calcium carbonate conveying, storage, loading and feeding systems are widely used in these industries.


Conveying, storage, loading, feeding and discharging of plastics like PVC, Abs, polyethylene, polypropylene are carried out by bulk solid handling systems.

Fly Ash

Kül ve curuf, endüstriyel tesislerde ısı üretimi amacıyla kömür gibi katı yakıtların yakılması sonucu oluşmaktadır. Kül sevk sistemleri külün ortama yayılmadan kazan filtrelerinden silolara aktarılmasını, silolardan kamyon veya silobaslara aktarılmasını sağlamaktadır. Ash and fly ash are the results of burning of solid fuels like coal. Energy plants, cement factories, boilers, chemical processes need heat. Ash is the one of the outputs of heat generation systems. Fly ash handling systems are needed to take the ash from bag house filters to silos and then to bulk trucks.


Grains and powders like coffee grain, coffe powder, sugar, salt, flour, milk powder, corn and spice can be conveyed, stored, loaded and fed by bulk solid handling systems. Food grade stainless steel equipment (rotary valves, piping, silo) is used in food handling.


Wheat, flour, semolina, barley, oat, rye, bran, chaff, feed, seed, corn, chickpea, bean, lentil, pea, soy bean, sesame, rice, pice flour, dried fruit, hazelnut, peanut, almond, sunflower seed, cotton seed, grain cereals, chestnut are some of the bulk materials that can be handled by bulk solids handling equipment and systems.

Industrial Solutions

Bulk Solid Handling Systems

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dust Collection and Filter Systems


Mechanical Parts and Equipment

Gear and Gearbox

Rotary Airlock

Diverter Valve

Roots Blower

Jet Filter

Bag Dump Station

Big Bag Discharge Station

Silo Equipment

Silo Control Systems

Screw Feeder

Loading Spout

Custom Machines Mechanisms

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