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   Custom Machines And Mechanisms 


In addition to our standard products, we have the capability of designing and manufacturing of different custom machines and mechanisms to meet our customers’ needs. These solutions may vary from a simple mechanism to an electronically controlled machine. Each project is handled as a research and development activity. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in developing a new device. With the help of years of experience, we can present reliable solutions in short periods of time.

Screw Jack

Screw jacks are used in linear motion and mechanical lifting applications.

Vidalı kriko, screw jack

Multi Axis Motion Systems

Loading, handling and motion mechanisms.

3 Eksen robot

Power Transmission Systems

Gears, reducers for power transmission applications.


Industrial Solutions

Bulk Solid Handling Systems

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Dust Collection and Filter Systems


Mechanical Parts and Equipment

Gear and Gearbox

Rotary Airlock

Diverter Valve

Roots Blower

Jet Filter

Bag Dump Station

Big Bag Discharge Station

Silo Equipment

Silo Control Systems

Screw Feeder

Loading Spout

Custom Machines Mechanisms

Software Development



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