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During processing and handling of cement, plastics, iron dust, calcium carbonate, pvc, grain, animal feed and powder, dust emmission may be seen. This will lead to environmental hazards. Dust collection, filtering and dust removal systems are used to prevent such environmental risks in industrial plants.

Sources of Dust

Dust emmission will be seen during filling of silos from mechanical conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems.

Silo loading dust emmission

Bulk solid transfer by belt conveyors will lead high dust emmission especially at the transfer points between two belts.

Crushers and grinders also generate dust.

Belt conveyor dust emmission

Cement plants are sources of cement dust.

Cement factory dust emmission

Electric arc furnace, blast furnace, sinter plants in the steel industry causes high volumes of dust emmission.

Steel Foundry Blast Furnace dust collector

Coal dust and fly ash emmissions are seen on power plants.

Power plant dust collector

During bulk solid loading to trucks, tankers and ships, there will be high dust content in the region.

Ship loading dust collector

Dust Collection And Filter Systems

Jet pulse filters are mounted over the top of the silos to prevent dust during loading of silos by pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying (screw feeders, elevators, belt conveyors etc.)

Bulk solid storage silo jet filter

Conveyor belt discharge points cause high dust emmission. Conveyor belt filters are used to prevent the dust in these positions. A vacuum fan collects the dust with air. The dust in the air is filtered by cartigrate or bag type filters.

Conveyor belt dust collector

Loading spouts are used to prevent dust during loading of trucks, tankers, ships or stockpiles. The loading spout prevents dust leakage. Additional dust collector system with vacuum fan is used to collect any dust in the region.

Truck loading spout

Industrial plants use central dust collectors to collect dust from different points in the production line. Baghouse filters are used in these plants to ollect the dust in one point.

Central dust collector

Solid fuel burning plants, steel foundries are sources for hazardous waste gases. Very small sized particles may not be filtered by baghouse filters. Activated carbon injection systems are used to remove these hazardous gases from air.

Activated carbon injection system

Baghouse filters collect the dust from the production line. The colelcted dust is then transferred to storage silos before disposal. Filter dust conveying systems are used to transfer the dust from filters to silos. The dust in the storage silo is then loaded to trucks, tankers or wagons.

Baghouse filter dust conveying to silo

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