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Bulk solids like grain cereals, powder, food, plastic pellets can be conveyed with pneumatic conveying systems. Both pressure and vacuum systems are used for conveying. Since the material is transported by air, product degradation is kept minimum with respect to mechanical conveyors like augers and elevators. The dust formation in the medium is also prevented because of the closed piping system. Polimak Ltd. is specialized in dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems are one of the products of Polimak Ltd. There exists large number of applications that use pneumatic conveying systems.

Pneumatic Conveying Applications


Mixer filling, mixer unloading, mix preparing, Dosing
Dosing different granular or powdered materials from silos and filling a mixer or blender




Unloading a mixer and loading a bag  







Silo Loading  
Conveying From a Machine to Silo with pneumatic conveying system Silo Doldurma



Silo filling from ground by grain vac system

Vakum dolum


Bag emptying and silo loading by pneumatic conveying system Çuval boşaltma




Vacuuming bulk solids from ground, weighing and bag filling Çuval Dolum




Truck Loading, Truck Unloading  
Truck unloading by mobile pneumatic conveyor  Kamyon boşaltma



Silo discharging and truck loading of grain with pneumatic conveying


Silo boşaltma


Materials can be vacuumed from anywhere and conveyed to bulk bags, big bags and containers. Filling and loading become easier with pneumatic transport systems.

Truck / Tractor Loading / Unloading:

Bulk solids in depot, silo and basement can be transfered to / from bulk transport vehicles.

Conveying in Production Line:

Conveying can be done within the factory building between machines, silos and containers.

Conveying Between Buildings:

Bulk materials can be conveyed within a pipeline between buildings and structures

Feed Spreading:

Animal feed can be spread with air pressure for feeding animals in farms

Other Application Examples:

Big bag discharging , loading of silo andmixers
Dust collection
Multiport product diverting and handling
Fly ash conveying
Plastic granul loading to silos
Inner liner bag loading, unloading
Weighing, batching, mixing of bulk solids


Industries Served / Bulk Materials Conveyed:



Wheat, flour, semolina, barley, oat, rye, bran, chaff, feed, seed, corn, chickpea, bean, lentil, pea, soy bean, sesame, rice, pice flour, dried fruit, hazelnut, peanut, almond, sunflower seed, cotton seed, grain cereals, chestnut are some of the bulk materials that can be conveyed with pneumatic transportation systems.

Food Industry:

Grains and powders like coffee grain, coffe powder, sugar, salt and spice can be conveyed. Stainless steel equipment (rotary valves, piping, silo) is used in food conveying.

Other Industrial Materials:

Cement, mining minerals, petrochemical materials, pharmaceuticals, medical powders, calcite, pvc, ash, glass powder, marble powder, plastic pellets, sawdust are some of the bulk solids that can be conveyed.

Industrial Solutions

Pneumatic Handling, Conveying and Dosing Systems


Mobile Pneumatic Conveyor

Custom Machines and Mechanisms

Software Development


Mechanical Parts and Equipment

Gear and Gearbox

Rotary Airlock

Diverter Valve

Roots Blower

Jet Filter

Bag Dump Station

Big Bag Discharge Station



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