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Polimak Ltd. manufactures roots type positive displacement blowers for several industrial applications such as pneumatic conveying of bulk materials (food, cement, chemical material etc.), waste water treatment, vacuum applcations, gas moving processes and fish farming. Roots type blowers can provide high volumes of air up to 1000 mBar of pressure and 500 mBar of vacuum depending on operating conditions.


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Positive displacement blower pumps have been used in industry more than 100 years. Roots blowers supply oil-free clean gas or air to industrial applications.

- Rigid one-piece cast iron casing
- Anti-friction bearings
- Splash oil lubricated spur timing gears
- Connections in standard pipe sizes
- Straight, precision machined two-lobe and three-lobe impellers
- Ground steel shafts

Roots blowers can also be delivered with electric motor, silencer, inlet filter, check valve, by pass valve.

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