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   Screw Conveyor 


Screw conveyors are used to mechanically convey powdered and granular materials. Screw conveyors are also known as screw feeders or helical conveyors. Bulk material transportation can be done between two points by using screw conveyors. There exists wide range of screw conveyor types depending on the application. The physical properties of bulk solids and type of application effects the design of screw feeder. Conveying capacity, horizontal and vertical distances, type of bulk solid should be considered to select a proper screw conveyor model. Screw diameter, screw pitch, inlet and outlet dimensions, motor power and casing type are major properties of screw conveyors.
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Types of Screw Conveyors

Tubular Screw Conveyor

O type screw conveyor
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U Type Screw Conveyor

U type screw feeders are used in bulk solids which may stick on the helical screws and should be cleaned manually.
U Tipi Helezon Konveyor

Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor

Used in production of foods, medicines and similar raw materials.

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Hardox Screw Conveyors

Used in abbrassive products.

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Flexible Screw Feeders

Generally used in medical, chemicals and food production applications. The flexible body makes them easy to install for hard environments.

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Types of Screw Conveyors According to the Application

Cement Screw Feeder

Widely used in cement sector

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Concrete Batching Plant Screw Feeders

Used in concrete batching plants to convey cement from cement silo to the mixer.

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Mobile Screw Feeder With Hopper

Used in different locations in production plants.  Can easily be moved by the help of wheels. Weighing equipment can be added for applications that need measurement.

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High Precision Screw Feeders

Used in applications that need high precision weighing  and batching. Generally used to convey the materials to weighing hopper, mixer etc.

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Other Types of Screw Conveyors

Gypsum screw conveyor
Weighing and batching screw feer  
Dozaj helezonu Dosing screw feeder  
Silo discharge screw feeder  


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