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   Silo Filter Vent, Jet Filters



Jet filters are used to vent pneumatically filled silos, tanks and containers keeping the dust inside of the silo (or container, tank etc) and letting the pneumatic air to leave it.

Applications of Silo Top Vent Filters

- Bulk truck unloading
- Pneumatic Conveying Systems
- Silo filling
- Industrial plants
- Concrete plants


Silo vent jet pulse filters maintain dust free air in the plant

Cement silo vent filter

Operating Principle of Jet Filter

The dust of material loaded into the silo (or container) is filtered by cartridge type filters. The dust is dropped back to the silo and clean air is discharged. The reverse air jet pulse system is used to blast pressurized air to the filters in the reverse direction to clean the filters periodically. All the filter elements ad pulse jet system are covered within a weatherproof top cover. 


Jet pulse filter



Features of Silo Vent Filters

- Cylindrical shape.
- Connection flange for connecting to silo top.
- Maintenance free reverse air jet pulse system
- Wheatherproof and lockable top cover
- Microprocessor control unit
- High efficiency cartridge type filter elements
- Low dust emmission
- Simple access to filters
- Cartridge filters can easily be changed from the top cover
- Inspection flange for inspecting the filters and inside of silo
- Ready to install design
- Filtering area ranging from 0.5m² to 100m²


Silo vent filter


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