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Polimak has been developing softwares for industrial applications. Industrial automation processes, motor, pump, valve sensor control applications, PLC automation, scada, graphical design softwares, CAD, CAM, CAE utilities, civil engineering, mechanical engineering softwares are in our product range.


Autolisp, VBA add ins and utilities can be developed for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD users. Some softwares developed by Polimak Ltd. are as follows:

- CNC Simulation and Verification Software: This software is used to simulate a CNC operation in computer screen prior to real cutting process. Possible G Code program errors, CNC setup, tooling, workpiece setup mistakes are shown in the software. Therefore operational costs and possible machine damages are prohibited.

- DRO Link, CMM System for Traditional Milling Machines: Conventional milling machines can be used as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), with the help of digital readout devices (DRO) by using DRO Link. More than that, users can draw parts in a CAD software and transfer the coordinates to the DRO and use the data in machining.

- Pump Gear Design Software: This software is capable of designing gear tooth profiles for gear pumps including internal gear (gerotor) pumps.

- Cutting Tool Design Softwares: These group of softwares are used to design cutting tools for different machining operations of complex workpiece shapes.



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Software Development



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